Settle Arguments With a Mediator

Bring in the team from Stephen J. Schechter in Boerne, TX

When tensions are running high, it’s important not to make a snap decision. Hire Stephen J. Schechter as a mediator in your case to avoid letting your emotions call the shots. As a mediator Stephen J. Schechter will help you look at the big picture and ensure that you understand the advantages of resolving your case verses keeping your dispute alive. We’ll carefully collect information and walk you through any proposed settlement. You’ll feel much more confident having a knowledgeable expert that isn’t emotionally invested in the outcome.

Stephen J. Schechter will mediate your dispute to ensure that a satisfactory settlement is reached. Get started resolving your disputes by calling Stephen J. Schechter, P.C.

No matter what’s at stake, we’ll be there to help

Stephen J. Schechter of Boerne, Texas has assisted local residents and businesses with legal disputes for nearly three decades. We can provide:

  • Business mediation
  • Collection mediation
  • Family mediation
  • Divorce mediation, and more

We’ll keep resolution in mind, as we work through the emotions that surround your dispute when you hire our firm. Learn more by contacting Stephen J. Schechter.